The APC and IAP laboratories are glad to host the second SDSS-III collaboration meeting, on September 16-18, 2010. The SDSS collaboration meetings have traditionally covered a broad range of topics, including technical discussions of instrumentation, collaboration policy, and recent science results. The members of the collaboration council are pleased to announce this year's meeting, and to invite all interested members to join us in Paris this fall!

Presentations will be either in the Buffon auditorium or in the APC laboratory, two very close buildings (see map in the venue section), or at IAP which is ~15 minutes away. Room assignment for parallel sessions will be posted in the program pages.

Participants are expected to make their own hotel arrangements

A banquet dinner will be held on Thursday evening. The price will be 40 euros. More information here soon, please tell us if you intend to attend when registering.

The Coco will have a dinner together on Friday evening.

Lunch will be on your own in the neighborhood, there is a map in the restaurants page. One of the locations is a wine shop that has just a few tables, they can seat 15 people, and reservation is recommanded. We have booked in advance all three lunches, please check the "wine lover" option if you wish to be in the happy few — first-come first-served. Use the comment field if you have a preferred day.

Please indicate on your registration form if you would like to give a machine gun talk (three minutes max, one slide) on Friday morning. We will try to accomodate as many as possible. There will also be room for some posters.

Meeting rooms will be available on Sunday. Please contact the organizers if you wish to book one.